Using UAV for Quarry Surveys

Using UAV for Quarry Surveys

We manage UAV surveys for a variety of applications. Quarry UAV surveying is one of the safest forms of capturing data in the dangerous quarry environment. It ticks the box for health and safety requirements and is quick and relatively easy to perform.

One of our customers has requested another survey at the end of the groundwork season, of a quarry that we regularly survey during the year. He took the time to share some feedback with us:

We had a ‘Technical Excellence’ Away Day yesterday at the ExCel centre in London. One of the topics of discussion was the efficiency of UAV surveys (and other drone applications for engineering) which we appear to underutilise. I have since forwarded on my review of the UAV surveys (KaarbonTech produces (absolutely top-notch, in my opinion and plus the price is reasonable!)”.

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