Gully SMART Receives Outstanding Evaluation

Gully SMART Receives Outstanding Evaluation

Gully SMART is used by councils and their contractors across the country. It provides an easy-to-use cloud-based gully data capture system that is proving to be an essential tool for increasing productivity and reducing flood risk.

Council’s can understandably be reluctant to switch to a new system especially if they have invested heavily in legacy solutions. A county council has recently been introduced to Gully SMART by their highways contractor. A member of the council’s staff decided to pen an email following his evaluation of the system. Here is what he wrote:

“I have spent a while wandering around the KaarbonTech Gully SMART system looking at various things it can do. I have come to the conclusion that this is an incredible piece of kit and I firmly believe that this should be pushed as I think it has the potential to deal with:

  1. Any and all complaints regarding gullies being cleaned out. This system alone can prevent gullies being cleaned out of schedule if the schedule date it close (a lot easier than looking down a long list), thus saving money as gully cleaning could be deferred until the scheduled clean date. Or it can identify gullies that require more scheduled cleans than they currently have.
  2. All chamber locations NEED to be slowly added. I think this should be added by the council as well as the contractor. This would again save so much time for contractors hunting around the site, saving money as well as identifying hot spots easily.
  3. All lines as identified NEED to be added. Again saving time, and also no more wasted money surveying sites that have been surveyed before. Just looking through the drainage files has shown me that previous contractors have been over the same sites more than once surveying, most probably due to not being able to find existing plans easily, or they need updating. This system would prevent that. I could easily use what up to date plans we have to start adding the inventory to Kaarbontech.
  4. All hotspots identified.
  5. Never need to rely on local knowledge again. Everyone can see what is on the ground without even leaving the office, and when people retire, etc…the information is there to see by anybody. No more buried gullies/chambers.
  6. Able to design and add new systems easily.

As the problems with excessive rainfall do not appear to be going away, I can only see the cost of maintenance for the council’s drainage increasing, but with this piece of software running to its full potential, the council would have the ability to understand and proactively deal with issues before they arise to a serious degree, therefore preventing flooding issues.

I seriously believe this software, if used properly, could save the council a substantial amount of funds from just the reasons I have stated above. I really do think this is the future for a well maintained drainage network.”

This outstanding feedback is typical of the comments KaarbonTech receive on a regular basis.

If you want to find out more how Kaarbontech can help save you money and reduce the flood risk, please give us a call on 01202 031 333.

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