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Tree smart

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Key features

  • Automatic tree valuation
  • Wireless work allocation
  • Tree vulnerability assessment
  • Photo, video and voice inspection recording
  • Record individual and group trees
  • Align reports to support invoicing
  • Accurate crown representation
  • Easily export data to GIS

Technical Expertise

Trees are assets that need to be proactively managed by local authorities. A well planned maintenance regime delivers significant benefits.

The KaarbonTech tree inspection and management system, Tree SMART, enables users to record and access data for both individual and groups of trees using Android and iOS devices.

Tree SMART is able to integrate with existing systems so that previously held tree preservation data is both retained and enhanced with the addition of GIS location data. The software meets the BS5837 standard.

Tree SMART allows easy visualisation of defective or maintainable trees before allocating them wirelessly to a workforce.

The software records the health and vitality of the tree along with its life stage e.g. newly planted, young, semi-mature, over mature or veteran. The range of service requests that can be generated include, but are not restricted to planting, felling and removal of suckers. Pest and disease control can be captured and as can application of fertilizer or installation of a cable brace.

The software uses Ordnance Survey and other GIS data sets for better regime planning. All the asset and mapping data ca be downloaded for offline working. This reduces the reliance on internet connectivity while in the field.

The ability to easily export and share data helps to improve performance monitoring and achieve key performance targets.

Our ethos is “Don’t just focus on providing a tool to collect data, focus on getting something out of the data you collect”

Tree SMART simplifies the whole process of tree maintenance by integrating with existing systems that hold tree preservation data, GIS information or work order management criteria.

“I was impressed how automated the process could be. Traditionally devices to collect this information have been clumsy and slow but this was not the case.”
Phil Dye - Arboricultural Officer, South Gloucestershire Council. Principal Tree Consultant - Wooton Tree Consultancy
“The presentation was informative and to the point. Seeing the software in action it was clear that KaarbonTech really understands the kind of product that customers need.”
Mr Russell Gibbons - Principal Tree Risk Officer, Elmbridge Borough Council
“The simplicity of reporting allows us to quickly identify trees in need of maintenance and allocate them to one of the team.”
Simon Penfold - Arboricultural Officer, South Gloucestershire Council
“Our tree surgery contractor, Blagdon Tree Services have given a double thumbs-up for the KMZ file for remedial tree works. He found it really useful for locating trees along otherwise featureless stretches of highway, and said the tree details gave him everything he needed to do his job.”
Ian Monger - Arborist, South Gloucestershire Council

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