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Gully smart

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Key features

  • Award winning
  • Service delivery tools
  • Helps reduce spend on drainage
  • Cloud based customer monitoring
  • Improving public perception
  • Reduces the risk of flooding
  • Improving Safety in the field
  • Minimises the use of traffic management
  • Route optimisation

‘Gully SMART’ is award winning asset management software. The system uses Ordnance Survey GIS data for accuracy and enables users to record and access data using handheld Android and iOS devices

What makes Gully SMART different from other data capture devices and software packages on the market?

The designers of the software have over ten year’s first-hand drainage maintenance experience. It is specifically tailored to meet each customer’s needs; we know ‘one size doesn’t fit all.’

Gully SMART was awarded the title of Best Use of Geospatial for Business Benefit 2014 by the Association of Geographic Information (AGI). The Award recognised the reduced flood risk, cost and efficiency savings achieved by one of our customers – Walsall Council – as a result of using the ‘Gully SMART’ software.

1. Intelligent use of data

The KaarbonTech system is built from an engineer’s perspective.

We understand the challenges of managing a gully network and the range of variables that will affect maintenance and increase potential for flooding. Cleaning and monitoring regimes need to be tailored for different environments and staff resources.

Planned cyclical maintenance programmes are reducing the risk of properties flooding in periods of heavy rainfall. Improved highways drainage is increasing safety of all road users and reducing risk of accidents caused by water on the road.

We know that inaccurate locations, poor communication between devices and problematic data cause frustration and impact on efficiency.

Our proven system has been is designed to be quick, automated and accurate. New users have found it easy to adopt.

The advanced design of Gully SMART enables highways teams to combine the use of geographic location data with environmental data sets – such as flood zones – and to put in place proactive management strategies

KaarbonTech Gully SMART inspection software offers a comprehensive solution by providing operational tools as well as data capture. Operating on either an iOS or Android platform the software delivers these results:

2. Customer Focus

We work closely with all of our customers to ensure they are able to achieve maximum results from the system.

Customers receive a GIS planner to tailor the system to their needs and assist with cyclical programming. Throughout our ethos remains “Don’t just focus on providing a tool to collect data, focus on getting something out of the data you collect”

As well as being award winning Gully SMART has received coverage in The Surveyor and Local Authority Plant and Vehicles magazine.

Read more: Local Authorities Plant and Vehicle Magazine

Contact us for further information:

Telephone: 01202 031333

“The software uses the best of modern technology to deliver an excellent tool for managing gully cleaning.”
Richard O'Keeffe - Contracts Manager, EM Highways
“Using this software has enabled us to put in place proactive management strategies. Every member of the team feels their time is being used more effectively because work is better planned.”
Neil Tomlinson - Senior Highways Manager, Rutland Council
“This software from KaarbonTech delivers the best reporting system I have seen in asset management.”
Mark Harriman – Operations Manager, Lafarge Tarmac

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